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Kevin MacNeil

Kevin MacNeil is a leading Scottish novelist, poet, playwright and screenwriter, born and raised in the Outer Hebrides. His most recent novel, The Brilliant & Forever, was published to huge critical acclaim and was shortlisted for the Saltire Fiction of the Year Award. Kevin recently edited Robert Louis Stevenson: An Anthology, Selected by Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares. Kevin has won a number of prestigious literary awards and he lectures in Creative Writing at the University of Stirling.

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Most recent work

Beyond Burns docu

BBC documentary on Scotland's overlooked poets. Watch here.

Blue Folk of the Minch

Short story for the BBC audio book series Short Works. Listen here.

Bring The Moon Home

Guest vocals on HLY FCK single. Listen here.

Hebridean Moon

A new short story for Pendemic. Read here.

Ordinary Case
of RLS and RLS

A brand new short story by Kevin MacNeil, Ordinary Case of RLS and RLS, to celebrate Robert Louis Stevenson Day on Friday 13th Nov 2020, accompanied by a short film.

Find out more about Kevin's work with Birlinn books here.

Watch the film on Youtube here.


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